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give us a leash
& we'll take off the weight!

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to our dogs for a long and happy life. Sometimes a busy work schedule makes it difficult to keep up with their activity needs. Sadly, overweight dogs, even by several pounds, are far more likely to develop heart, liver & kidney problems, arthritis, diabetes and other ailments.

We'll meet and develop a plan.

Let's take a look at your dog's current diet & exercise habits and put together a plan to safely and gradually get in shape!

Monitor our progress.

Looking at the scale everyday is as frustrating as eyeing the stock market daily! If you've ever tried to lose weight you know it's the big picture that really matters! Tracking weight weekly or every-other week is the best way to spot a (hopefully downward) trend.

Achieve our goals!

Once we've reached the desired weight we'll suggest a regular schedule to continue to maintain an ideal weight. Sadly the majority of lost weight is regained within a year if there's no change in lifestyle.

Sometimes our friends need a helping hand.

If your dog has surgery or a chronic condition they may have limited mobility requiring special care only an expert can give.

Post-operative care

The days and weeks immediately after surgery are critical and confusing for your dog. After being spayed or neutered puppies have stitches, the dreaded e-collar and may need to stay in a confined space such as a crate for their own safety. Our friendly face during the day along with some limited activity will help to relieve their anxiety (and yours).

Senior care

As our best friends get older they may need to go potty a little more often. And while they may not walk as adroitly in their golden years we're happy to move at whatever pace is most comfortable for them so they can relieve themselves and continue to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the great urban outdoors.

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