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Alpha Pet Care - Bonnie dog walking with Rudy in Long Beach, CA

we didn't invent dog walking.
we perfected it!

The sights, sounds and smells! It may seem like just a walk to us but to them its an adventure! After eating, walking is at the top of a very short list of things every dog loves to do. Our dog walkers provide flexible exercise options to fit your dog's specific needs and your budget.

Exercise & bathroom breaks

If you've got a long workday, an even longer commute or evening plans then you need a dog walker! No more rushing home to let them out or guilt about keeping them cooped up all day. Go ahead, make plans, we've got your little (and not so little) ones covered!


Put Alpha's dog walking expertise to work for you! For well over a decade we've been helping parents housebreak their puppies. Are you using the crate-training method? Alpha's dog walkers will help speed up the learning process and keep your floors dry!

Weight Loss & Special Needs

We'll help your dog go from stout to svelte in no time! Alpha's unique program provides a proper balance of exercise and nutrition. Overweight dogs are more susceptible to chronic health problems. A small change today can ensure a longer, healthier life and fewer vet bills!

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