Sniglets: The Pet Edition

August 13, 2016
by Top Dog

Does anyone remember the 1980’s HBO Comedy Not Necessarily the News ? Specifically the segment called Sniglets? A Sniglet is defined as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.” For example: when squeezing mustard out of the bottle, what do you call the liquid that invariably comes out first? Musquirt. A person possessing the ability to turn off the water faucet in the tub with a foot? Aquadextrous

You get the idea.

Since I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the 80’s I thought it would be fun to start Sniglets: The Pet Edition. So here goes: today while walking my dogs I tossed their poop bag into an empty trash can shortly after the city collected it. The sound it made as it hit the bottom of the bin?


What do you think? Possibly some bonus points for combining a Sniglet with an onomatopoeia? Now it’s your turn, this weekend while you’re relaxing poolside come up with your own and email it here

Our favorite will get a free bag of dog or cat treats. And not your generic, stale, bone-shaped biscuits. We’re talking premium, organic, grain-free, 100% meat.

And always be sure to follow little Oliver’s good example…

Oliver reminds us to always pick up after our dogs

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